«Interaction with Players: Game Design, Code, Art, Marketing»
  • 10:30 — 10:45Registration
  • 10:45 — 11:00Opening
  • 11:00 — 12:00Addictiveness, or an easy way to hook the player
    Denis Romanko — Indie developer
  • 12:00 — 13:00Creation of art for cross-platform games
    Oleg Akimov — iLogos
  • 13:00 — 13:30Magic without dirty hacks
    Andrej Andreev — Indie developer
  • 13:30 — 14:30Lunch
  • 14:30 — 15:30Development of multi-platform casual games: pitfalls, bumps, practice
    Vitaly Khit — Game Dev evangelist
  • 15:30 — 16:15ScummVM, a multiplatform family of adventure game engines
    Eugene Sandulenko — ScummVM
  • 16:15 — 17:00Making a successful mobile game. Marketing and publishing
    Rostislav Chekmarev — Renatus
  • 17:00 — 17:30TV revolution. The story of a tiny though proud console
    Tanja Evdokimenko — iLogos
  • 17:30 — 18:00End of the official part


  • Denis Romanko Indie developer, particularly known fo his blog xitri.com, devoted to flash games tips and tricks. He has been involved in web development since 2002.
    «Addictiveness, or an easy way to hook the player»
    Why does a game become a hit? What is a successful gameplay and how to achieve it? In his report Denis will tell how to make a game interesting, regardless of its platform.
  • Oleg Akimov Animator in iLogos, works in the industry since 2001. Has extensive experience in animation and game projects.
    «Creation of art for cross-platform games»
    The report will touch upon preparation of graphics and animation for cross-platform games. The author will mention tools and technical issues, as well as the choice of graphics and animation style for such applications.
  • Andrej Andreev Programmer-experimenter, over 3 years of experience in flash. Has worked on several vast gaming projects. Before coming to the industry Andrew was engaged in high-precision calculations, using the resources of processor and graphics card. Worked on the mobile and browser versions of the game "Tanki Online".
    «Magic without dirty hacks»
    Technical session about the experiments in gestures, p2p, network and their results. Andrew will share issues used in the development of real projects – without any theoretical assumptions.
  • Vitaly Khit Vitaly has been occupied in casual Game Dev since last century. During these years hundreds of casual projects have been released by him personally or and under his leadership.
    «Development of multi-platform casual games: pitfalls, bumps, practice»
    The author will share his decade-lasting experience of multi-platform games development. The author hopes his practical advice to help both the beginners and experienced developers to avoid many of the problems and to make development more efficient. In the form of question-answer he will cover topics related to programming, graphics and animation, as well as game design. The report will be useful for a wide audience of listeners - programmers, artists, designers and producers.
  • Eugene Sandulenko Eugene Sandulenko, the Project Lead of ScummVM Project. Joined the project in 2003 and currently leads a team of 75 developers. ScummVM is his hobby, but in general he's in IT since 1992. Currently Eugene is employed as Director of R&D at TOA Technologies.
    «ScummVM, a multiplatform family of adventure game engines»
    History, architecture, challenges and future of an ultimate platform for playing 2-d point and click adventures. A detective story of GPL violation and the way to deal with intellectual property will be also presented. ScummVM is a mature open source project for playing over 150 adventure game titles on practically every modern (and not so) platform.
  • Rostislav Chekmarev Publishing company Renatus Development and Investment Manager. Used to work in finance. Having come to the world of IT, successfully works with young studios, providing them help with projects publishing.
    «Making a successful mobile game. Marketing and publishing»
    What needs to be taken into consideration when creating a game. Why a business angel or a publisher are qequired - Smart Money. Monetization models. Product marketing skills and filling the product with traffic.
  • Tanja Evdokimenko iLogos PR manager, marketologist, blogger. Has experience in expert work on game projects. Tracks game industry trends.
    «TV revolution. The story of a tiny though proud console»
    The well-known series of PSP, PlayStation and Xbox consoles will be replenished this spring with OUYA. Tatiana will tell about the revolutionary console based on Android, the history of its creation, application store and marketing solutions. She will also share the experience of iLogos in development and porting applications to OUYA.



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