«Interaction with Players: Game Design, Code, Art, Marketing»

About registration

Get IT! is a large-scale conference for game development specialists. This key event for more five hundred Ukrainian developers and designers, as well as for Russian-speaking game developers, will be held for the fourth time. In Autumn 2013 Get IT! will be hosted in Kharkiv. Being the conference organizer, international company iLogos is seeking to create a cohesive IT-community. The plan is to make Ukraine a hot spot for the game product development. Get IT! helps junior developers as well as professionals and specialists to keep up with current trends on the IT market and to share insights and experiences.

For whom?

  • — for programmers and designers searching for valuable knowledge;
  • — for experienced developers eager to keep up with the times and always be aware of a rapidly changing IT technologies world;
  • — for professionals wishing to share their achievements and best practices with peers.


  • — familiarity with current trends, useful innovations and technologies;
  • — acquisition of knowledge from the world's IT industry leaders;
  • — expanding the network of professional contacts;
  • — possibility to meet with leading employers and to find a promising and well-paid job.


Get IT! conference will be held in Kharkiv, October 5th, 2013 in the conference hall, V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.
Address: Kharkiv, subway station Naychnaya/Universytet, Svoboda square, 4


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